Space Data's SkySat repeater platform, currently being used operationally by the US Marine Corps, can extend the range of standard-issue military two-way radios from 10 miles to over 400 miles.
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The SkySite® Platform offers a low-cost solution for data communications in remote areas, takes just 20 minutes to launch, and creates a coverage circle of over 400 miles.
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  • Space Data Corporation delivers low-cost solutions for rural and remote data and voice communication applications using our high-altitude SkySite® Network.
  • Our proprietary communications platforms can be launched within minutes, by just one person, from almost anywhere—far quicker and more economically than launching a satellite or erecting a new cellular tower.
  • Space Data Corporation provides reliable, secure, wide-area wireless communications services to the military, public safety agencies, homeland security organizations and industry, as well as individual consumers.