iDEN Campus Solution

Space Data specializes in inexpensive upgrade paths from existing analog radio network sites to private, secure digital radio network sites.

Is your existing analog network nearing traffic capacity limits and you have a need to upgrade?Would you like to look into upgrading from analog to secure digital, enabling more users on your existing frequencies while increasing security and efficiency via the advanced features of new, compact units?

Facts about communication networks

  • Public communication networks are subject to emergency services priority override and network overloads especially during emergency conditions.
  • Private Communications networks provide a more secure, reliable infrastructure not subject to “flooding” of public phone network traffic, especially due to crisis or catastrophic events including crime, accidents, terrorist actions, extreme weather or other natural or man-made disasters.

Space Data provides a private digital network upgrade with minimal equipment investment!

Increase the capacity of your
existing network by a factor of
up to 6:1


  • Compact, ruggedized handsets
  • GPS capable handsets
  • === Priority Calling ===
  • Group Call and Paging
  • Digital Voice communication
  • SIM capable handsets
  • SMS, Text options
  • Flexible CAPEX, OPEX options
  • Purchase/arrange leasing of equipment


This technology is in use today in over 40,000 sites.
The primary difference is we offer a robust private interconnected network versus a public network

Optional Additional Spectrum Available


Quick and Easy to Install

What is needed for system operations:

  • A Base Station installed on location
  • New, feature-rich Handsets
  • T1 Backhaul to Phoenix, AZ switch

Desktop Dispatch Software Clients

  • Main and auxiliary dispatch is as easy as software installation on intranet connected computers
  • Software auxiliary dispatch units lower network cost and increase flexibility compared with hardware auxiliary units.

Your network’s security is a function of the people you share it with.

Space Data’s depth in secure network engineering assures rollout success!On-Site Demo Available

  • On-Site Demo Available
  • Multiple Services Available
  • Dispatch SMS (text)
  • Telephony (PBX)
  • Data

For more information and to arrange an on-site demonstration of the Space Data Motorola iDEN network contact:

Andy Germer
Enterprise Operations
Office: (480) 722-2116