There are over 30 million fleet vehicles and over 4.8 million trailers in the United States. Fleet operators use wireless technology to locate and manage the movement of their trucks and trailers. In order to stay in touch with those vehicles, operators simply must live with the spotty coverage offered by terrestrial networks, pay high prices for satellite coverage or install multiple wireless devices, each operating on a different wireless network. The SkySite® Network’s wide area coverage means that even the most rural roads and geographies can be served with one affordable service. Space Data can work with you and other partners to deliver affordable tracking devices that integrate GPS and wireless to fit your needs. Some applications include:

Truck and Trailer Tracking. Long-haul and regional fleet operators can squeeze out more operating profits by knowing where their vehicle assets are located at all times.

Cargo Tracking. With GPS onboard, cargo or hazardous materials that need extra attention can be tracked in real-time using the SkySite® Network. This is especially important for on-time delivery, theft recovery and homeland security applications. Space Data can help cargo companies integrate GPS devices into their cargos and integrate their tracking systems into the SkySite® Network.

Telematic Data Capture. Fleet operators use wireless technology to transmit telematic data gathered from sensors mounted in the vehicles. Telematics is a growing area that leverages wireless communications to transmit diagnostic data such as engine status from a vehicle’s on-board computer to a central gathering point.