The utility industry has long relied on communications technologies to improve revenue measurement efficiency and to ensure the safety and reliability of transmission and distribution networks. Although today’s communications technologies generally perform well, there remains a need for a cost-effective communications solution that can enable the same efficiencies and monitoring capabilities in remote areas that cannot be cost-effectively covered using present communications approaches. The SkySite® Network can fulfill a critical need in several segments of the utility industry, for example:

Electric Utility: AMR for hard-to-read meters. Numerous effective techniques are being used to automate meter reading. However, many utilities spend excess money and time trying to gather information from meters that are difficult to read due to the fact that they are in remote or out-of-the-way locations. Using the SkySite® Network, Space Data has the ability to provide a data communications link to any meter, no matter where it’s located.

Electric Utility: Pole-top equipment monitoring. Unlike transmission networks, distribution network feeder lines are not heavily monitored today. Whereas transmission demands continuous monitoring for safety and security, distribution networks are comparatively less critical and the cost threshold to merit automation is much more difficult to achieve. The absence of a cost-effective communications solution for remote areas is one of the primary reasons for the lack of automation. Space Data has the ability to provide a cost-effective way to make the business case for the deployment of RTUs to monitor pole-top equipment such as reclosure switches, capacitor banks and voltage regulators.