Space Data’s SkySat Repeater Platform extends the range of standard issue military two-way radios from 10 miles to nearly 500 miles. The SkySat Platform’s cutting-edge technology is currently being used by the United States Air Force.

SkySat uses high-altitude radio repeaters which allow troops to instantly relay critical combat information and data to forward deployed troops or combat air support under any conditions, including rugged terrain, remote areas, and even sand storms. This platform is a low-cost system that has many applications for a wide range of government programs, including border control and disaster response communications. The concept is simple: fill a balloon with helium or hydrogen and attach a Space Data radio repeater payload. Once launched and on its way to a roughly 80,000-foot float, a SkySat Platform provides users’ portable radio systems with the same communications coverage previously available only via bulky and expensive satellite equipment.

The balloon-borne communications system has exceptional capability for continuous operations in rural and remote locations and provides users with the means for a rapid launch. With a weight of 12 pounds or less, the balloon payload can be quickly deployed with minimal effort and manpower.

The current production version SkySat Payload operates as a military-UHF repeater, covering 225-375 MHz. Other band coverage can be engineered to meet user needs.

Another increasingly common mission for the SkySat Payload is to serve as a means to carry another payload, suspended beneath it, to altitudes above 65,000 feet to carry out a variety of special purpose missions, including intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. The SkySat Platform provides a short range two-way communication link between itself and the suspended payload to support command and control of, and low-rate telemetry from, the lower payload, all through the SkySat Platform’s command and control link with its standard ground station.

Space Data’s SkySat Platform and related SkySite® technologies have applications across a broad spectrum of government users and needs. Click on the links to learn more: