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Date Article Title Source
11.13.2015 Texas Events Highlight Public Safety LTE Research, Real-World Scenarios Radio Resource Media Group
01.23.2015 Space Data looks to monetize Narrowband PCS spectrum to fund LTE deployments Fierce Wireless
04.22.2014 RDECOM facilitates technology discussions at Alaskan exercise
02.13.2014 Oceus Networks, Space Data file airborne LTE test results with FCC Urgent Communications
01.25.2014 Chandler business shows off balloon system The Republic |
10.21.2013 Balloon To Fly For Building Survey Near South Street Seaport CBS New York
09.13.2013 13th MEU radio operators launch Combat SkySat DVIDS
07.11.2013 Oceus demos balloons for public-safety LTE use FierceBroadbandWireless
07.11.2013 Oceus Networks Flies Deployable LTE Solution above the Clouds to Support Public Safety Market Watch
06.17.2013 Google Blimps Bring Internet To Africa The Borgen Project
06.05.2013 Google’s Next Cloud Product: Google Blimps To Bring Wireless Internet to Africa
03.08.2013 Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment conducts newest spiral evaluation sUAS News
11.16.2012 Drones, Balloons May Help In Next Hurricane, Beaming Wi-Fi From The Sky The Huffington Post
10.16.2012 SkySat balloon, payload launch impresses Army officials
10.16.2012 Space Data and Lemko Successfully Deploy World’s First Commercial Satellite LTE Network PR Newswire
09.2012 Pioneers in the Aerospace Industry The Arizona Experience
08.2012 High-Altitude Balloons, Unpiloted Aircraft Seen As Answer to Emergency Communication Outages
07.27.2012 It’s a bird, it’s a plane . . . No, it’s a radio relay balloon
07.23.2012 U.S. Army Alaska hosts equipment test in JBER skies U.S. Army Alaska Public Affairs(
07.17.2012 Space Data Deploys 4G LTE Offering Tailored for Remote Areas PR Newswire
07.17.2012 Lemko to Provide LTE Pilot Network in Rural Alaska for Space Data to Meet Sept. 2012 FCC Build Out Deadline
05.29.12 FCC seeks comment on aerial communications for first responders
03.30.12 Marines expand communication range with Combat SkySat 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit
11.30.11 New “Satellite” Tested Milsat Magazine, Nov 2011
8.30.11 5 Emerging Technologies Soon to Hit the Government Market Government Technology
8.15.11 SkySat ‘high-tech’ balloon system aiding communications on front lines The Huntsville Times
7.19.11 Mobile Balloon Satellite To See Action With 11th MEU CampPendleton Patch
5.26.11 CalAmp Introduces Harrier-900 Multimode Wireless Router TMC Net
5.26.11 CalAmp Rolls Out Multi-Mode Wireless Router Renew Grid
3.30.11 Marines use Balloon Relay
3.26.11 Lofted communications used aboard USS Kearsarge 26th MEU Public Affairs
3.26.11 Marines Use Helium Balloons to Talk to Harrier Jump Jets Over Libya
3.24.11 Lofted comm used in Libya air strikes 26th MEU Public Affairs
3.10.11 Lofted Comms makes combat debut 26th MEU Public Affairs
12.27.10 Two 26th MEU innovators recognized 26th MEU Public Affairs
10.18.10 26th MEU Lofted Comms HA launch photos from Oct 2010 26th MEU Public Affairs
9.29.10 Company demonstrates communications balloon KOAA-TV News
06.17.10 Space Data’s Balloon Helps Border Patrol FOX News Phoenix
06.16.10 Recon Balloon That Could Aid Border Patrols Is Put in a Holding Pattern FOX News online
03.12.10 CalAmp Agrees to Lease Private 900 MHz Radio Spectrum From Space Data The Smart Grid Observer
11.11.09 An Economical Step Towards Supplying Communications to Sparse Population Areas TelecomEngine Newsdesk
11.06.09 EWA and Space Data Agreement Provides Streamlined Access to National Block of Spectrum Wireless Design & Development
06.24.09 StarFighter Integrated Repeater Payload video Engineering TV
06.05.09 Space Data Corporation Put Up Solution for Smart Grid Automation Contracts BusinessWeek
06.02.09 Cisco and Tata join WiMAX Forum board Rethink Wireless
01.17.09 26th MEU Communicators Shoot for the Sky
12.10.08 New Communication Balloon Capabilities Tested Aboard USS Boxer
10.01.08 The Sky’s the Limit … Or Is It? California National Guard Grizzly
09.25.08 TIA Updates Encryption Standard for Voice and Data Over Wireless Systems TIA Online
09.05.08 Company to Create Airwaves Exchange The Wall Street Journal
04.17.08 Fort Sill Recovers High-tech Instrument Fort Sill Cannoneer
04.02.08 700 MHz trial balloon RCR Wireless News
04.01.08 Wireless Balloons Wireless Week
03.31.08 How Well Do You Know… Telecommunications? The Wall Street Journal
03.19.08 Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Publishes Public Safety Console Standard TIA
03.10.08 Space Balloon Video Fox News
02.23.08 Cell Towers Soar To New Heights CBS 5 – Phoenix, Arizona
02.20.08 Floating a New Idea For Going Wireless, Parachute Included The Wall Street Journal
01.15.08 Potential bidders for FCC wireless spectrum include range of players
01.06.08 Balloon-based network boosts communication in remote oilpatch Midland Reporter-Telegram
01.01.08 Diabetes Project Takes Flight HomeCare Magazine
12.05.07 The Year in Review – The View from Space Data SatMagazine
11.21.07 Building Wireless Networks with Weather Balloons Business Week
11.20.07 Chandler Tech Company Goes Sky High to Help Navajo Patients Phoenix Business Journal
11.19.07 Near Space Technology Brings Health Care To Navajo Nation InformationWeek
07.16.07 Pentagon Eyes High-Altitude Ballons For Emergency Communications System Space News
01.29.07 Overlay solution may be as close as near space MRT Magazine
01.26.07 Satellite development delays cost DOD $1B Bob Brewin
08.30.06 Chandler firm gets Air Force contract
01.30.06 Cos. to Test Balloons for Cellular Service
12.15.05 Without Power, But Not Powerless TMCNet
09.09.05 Military Testing Balloons as Communications Option RCR Wireless News
07.05.05 Near Space Air Force News
04.07.05 Valley Company’s Balloons May Aid GIs’ Communication Arizona Republic
03.31.05 Cell Calls by Balloon?
03.15.05 Near-Space Demo Aims To Prove Boost In Combat Communication Ability SpaceDaily
01.19.05 Air Force May Spread Wings in Near Space
10.28.04 Space Data Expands SkySite Balloon Network RCR Wireless News
10.13.04 US Air Force Sees Promise in ‘Near Space’ Jane’s Defense Weekly
09.15.04 Space Data to Extend Services to the Gulf RCR Wireless News
05.01.04 Space Data Launches First Commercial Balloon-Borne Wireless Data Network Communications Offshore Source
08.01.03 Turning Balloons Into Towers Mobile Radio Technology
01.15.03 Look, Up in the Sky Entrepreneur Magazine
12.02.02 SkySites Move Closer Up to Reality Wireless Week
09.09.02 Floating Antennas TheFeature
08.12.02 Airborne Transceivers RadioResource Magazine
08.07.02 Up, Up, and Away TheFeature
07.30.02 Cell Towers in the Sky Billing World & OSS Magazine
07.30.02 The Data Also Rises Wireless Review
07.29.02 Companies Look to the Skies for New Coverage Solutions RCR Wireless News
07.19.02 Expanding Your Wireless Horizons Wireless Future Magazine
06.24.02 New Cellular Idea Floated Mercury News
06.22.02 Weather balloons to plug wireless gaps
05.17.02 Firm Lobbies Congress for Balloon-Wireless Idea Wireless
05.13.02 Cellular Hits the Stratosphere Telecommunications Magazine
04.23.02 Balloons to provide wireless network for rural America Arizona Republic
04.01.02 Tapping into the Untapped Market For Rural Wireless Communications
03.04.02 ‘Wacky’ Wireless Net Might Just Fly Network World
02.22.02 Balloons Improve Cellphone Reception
02.22.02 High-flying answer to cell phone coverage gaps? CNN
02.14.02 Soon the Best Thing Under The Sun? The Washington Post
02.13.02 New Promise in Wireless Products ComputerWorld
02.13.02 The Mainstreaming of Wireless Companies at Demo 2002 Show mBusiness Daily
02.13.02 Arizona Firm Sees Weather Balloons as Wireless Telephone Technology Tribune Business News
02.12.02 Radical gizmos arrive at Demo conference; 3-D screens, fast feeds are waiting in the wings USA Today
02.11.02 Demo Goes Wireless InfoWorld
02.11.02 Tech Innovation Thrives, Despite Stock Market Blues – Chip for Cheaper Digital Camera, Cellphone Tower on Balloon Will Debut at Demo Show The Wall Street Journal
01.07.02 SkySites May Help Fill in Network Gaps Wireless Week
10.22.01 Can NWS Balloons Host Cell Traffic? Government Computer News
09.21.01 Up, up and away: Valley company plans wireless network in sky Phoenix Business Journal
09.17.01 Space Data Expands Wireless With Weather Balloons