Spectrum Solutions from Space Data offer:

  • Clear, Licensed, Exclusive Use 900 MHz Spectrum for your SmartGrid Needs or LMR
  • Nationwide Clear Spectrum Availability
  • 1.7 MHz Total Spectrum
  • Contiguous Spectrum blocks to 450 KHz
  • Exclusive Use
  • Higher power levels: up to 3500 watts
  • No Co-Channel Users
  • Protection from Interference
  • Great propagation means fewer sites
  • Deal directly with the license holder
  • Available for any size geographic area
  • Spectrum Lease or Purchase


Spectrum is regulated two different ways: Licensed Spectrum and Unlicensed Spectrum just as land is regulated in two basic ways: Private Land and Public Land (such as parks and public highways). Use of the public parks and roads are open to all, but at times they are overcrowded and traffic is unpredictable. Private Land costs money, but a landowner is free to build and control what is built on Private Land as long as the relevant zoning regulations are followed. Radio networks based on Licensed Spectrum allow critical communications to flow in a predictable and secure fashion just as vehicle traffic on a private road can be controlled and predictable. We all know public roads are subject to traffic jams.

Traffic levels in unlicensed bands have been ever increasing each year due to increased numbers of traditional users. This potentially obsoletes radio networks based solely on unlicensed bands as radio links that were reliable last year may become unreliable at any time. The coming years will see the deployment of 900 MHz WiFi and unlicensed LTE into these bands further increasing traffic levels as consumers start using 900 MHz public bands. Additionally the FCC is now allowing a high power licensed LMS network to be built on top of the 900 unlicensed band.Space Data’s 900 MHz Private, Licensed spectrum provides a Guaranteed, Interference-Controlled channel. It can be deployed alone or in combination with the adjacent 900 MHz unlicensed band for a licensed-assisted network. Critical data can be transmitted on the licensed spectrum for higher security, robustness, and coverage at the network edge. In areas where Public Band usage interference level is low, access to the Public Band allows fatter data pipes in the network core. Today’s radio technology, and the fact that Space Data’s 900 MHz Licensed spectrum is directly adjacent to unlicensed bands, allows one radio and antenna to have the best of both the licensed and unlicensed worlds.