Custom Link

Custom Link Corporation (CLC) is a developmental stage company working with Space Data.
CLC fixed wireless technology is an alternative to installing new fiber. This option comes at a very much lower cost, while achieving data rates up to 1860 Mbps in a narrow slice of 930 MHz spectrum. This offers an outstanding unique option for a number of use cases, like feeds to service distribution hubs, fiber network cross connects, enterprise paths to data and Cloud centers from off fiber buildings, and data rate upgrades to existing microwave links in licenses above 6 GHz. The CLC low band RF links have superior propagation characteristics, including span length, and weather and path obstruction immunity together with patented interference tolerance including that of little recognized cross interference from other RF services that average at random into a passband.

Space Data anticipates CLC will use 50 kHz at the center point of 930.35 with 25 kHz guard bands on each side in each market it becomes operational connecting enterprise accounts with data centers.